Waldorf Toddler Program: Ages 2-3

            Our toddler program is fully licensed for children ages 2 to 3 and is purposefully designed to feel like an extension of home. The young child is enveloped in a home like environment that is aesthetically pleasing, creating a feeling of warmth and beauty. The toys are constructed from natural materials that are simple in design to foster the blossoming imagination. The smell of freshly baked bread often fills the air. Young children learn through imitation. Our teachers strive to be worthy of imitation.

Preschool Program: Ages 3-6

            Our preschool program is fully licensed for children ages 3 to 6. The program offers the same quality experiences that our toddler program does, in an expanded and more challenging form. As with the toddler program our goal is to create a warm enriching environment for our preschoolers. For the preschoolers we focus on a more child directed play so the children learn to expand their imaginations while enhancing their social skills. During the preschool age we see more child on child interaction such as playing house, which we as the staff step aside so the children can gain the full experience of interacting with their fellow classmates.